Programs andActivities

AMC Daycare understands that we are being entrusted with your children in their most important years. Between the ages of 6 weeks to 6 years, children are highly teachable and need a specific formula of love, education, and activities to ensure healthy growth. If given the opportunity, your child will have the best head-start possible due to the care and attention given to them in these early years. We take that responsibility very seriously and it is reflected in each of our child care programs. Our programs are designed to nurture your child’s mind, talents, body, and social skills. This approach effectively prepares your child for the upcoming challenges of higher education.

Infant Care Program

Special Care For Infants

Our infant care program is designed to give your developing child the attention and special care they need. Our infant care environments are segmented in to sleep and play areas giving them the comfort they receive at home. At AMC Daycare we believe it is never too early to begin the learning even in their earliest infant ages. Our infant activities foster the development of new skills by implementing infant sign language, speaking language exercises, exploration and play activities. We also take your infants nutrition very seriously that is why each infants diet is carefully created with you the parent. Reserve a tour of our facility today for your family.
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Pre-School Program

Balance Of Creativity & Learning

Children between the ages of 2 to 5 are ready for our well known pre-school program. Our pre-school program is custom designed to give your child a balanced day of education (reading, writing, zoo animals, numbers, insects, language), socializing, as well as creative and physical activities.. Our primary goal with every program is to give your child the specific support they need at their current level and age which always includes love and nurturing. Our pre-school progam effectively prepares your child for pre-k and most importantly success. Reserve a tour of our pre-school facility today to see what your pre-schooler will be doing daily.
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Toddler Care Program

Transitional Stage To Pre-School

Our toddler care program gives your child the transitional care and attention they need to move forward into pre-school. Toddlers are in a foundational stage where they are building social and learning skills that will stay with them for life. Our programs infuse educational teachings of Montessori, Vygotsky, and Gardner to ensure the most positive and effective outcomes for your child. This also ensures your toddlers day is balanced with enrichment and educational activities. Our toddler program is one of our more popular programs and so space is limited. Please be sure to reserve your tour today and give your child the best day care experience possible.
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Montessori Academy

Critical Skills & Artistic Development

In partnership with LP, a leader in child care and development, we are proud to offer our Montessori Academy. This programs curriculum blends a Montessori philosophy in with other classes such as preschool, math, art and physical activities; all carefully crafted with your child’s development in mind. For our advanced groups, we included Kindergarten-level classes with various other classes where children become accustomed to following verbal instructions and working with their classmates. Our advanced weekly curriculum consists of 18 distinct classes..
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